I am , a digital product designer.

I blend design and development, focusing on UI that transforms digital products into vibrant, user-friendly experiences.

Certificates & awards

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An array of certificates, awards, and recognitions amassed during my journey. it's a testament to continuous learning, growth, and refinement in the field.

Nielsen & Norman Group

Jun 2024

Analytics and User Experience

Nielsen Norman Group

Nielsen & Norman Group

Jun 2024

Service Blueprinting

Nielsen Norman Group

Nielsen & Norman Group

Jun 2024

Content Strategy and Governance

Nielsen Norman Group


Journey Journal

A roadmap which illustrates the diverse workplaces that have enlivened my thrilling adventure and the evolution of my skills and contributions across different industries and roles.

Since 2021 ~

Digital Product Designer

Teal Partners

Since 2017 ~



Reading room

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A showcase of selected works and case studies, each continuously updated to incorporate new insights and developments. Each work represents a milestone in my relentless pursuit of digital craftsmanship, reflecting my expertise in development and digital product design.

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